Oyama (丹沢:大山), which is part of the Tanzawa mountain range, has splendid hiking trails and mountain views,  even though it is only a 2-hour trip from central Tokyo. The area is famous for its tofu dishes, pure water and colorful spinning tops.  But the best reasons to go there are the spectacular views from the mountain top  and the natural beauty that each season offers. Experienced hikers will enjoy the men’s trail(男坂), while intermediate hikers should opt for the women’s trail (女坂).  Of course, hikers can take their own pick, regardless of gender ! Tanzawa is an attractive area in autumn for photographers, not only for the striking colors of the leaves,  but also for the sudden mists that settle on the mountains and the unexpected rays of sunlight that disappear as soon as they appear.  The area is also a great place for a day trip with family or friends.

The mountains are easily  accessible from Isehara station on the Odakyu Line.  From Isehara station, take the local bus to the Cable Car bus stop, which is 20 to 30-minutes away, and then walk 15 minutes to the cable car. The walk includes a  climb of 362 steps, called the Koma Sando (spinning top street), to the cable car. Once on the cable car, Oyama Temple is just 3 minutes away, while Oyama Afuri Shrine at the very top, is just another 3 minutes away.