Artist Miya Ando grew up on the grounds of a Buddhist temple in Japan and in a
remote area of California. Her spare and contemplative works in metal, glass
and natural materials are filled with light and strength, revealing ancestral
influences as the descendent of Nicheren Buddhist monks in Bizen, Japan and
the 16th generation of a samurai sword craftsmen family. Her humor and warmth quite possibly come from her father’s Jewish/Russian lineage. Ando was born in the United States and considers herself Japanese-American.

leaf chandelier

Public commission for Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, NYC.

She works out of a studio in New York’s Long Island City, which is part of Queens, N.Y..
Her works are attracting a large following in Asia, especially in Singapore and
Hong Kong and she’s poised to become even more popular in Japan with a new
show at Seibu Shibuya art gallery starting August 1st.

leaf detail

Detail of “sora, sky, leaves.”

The show entitled “Sui Getsu,”  or “Water-Moon,” runs until August 17th. Ando
describes her work as “studies in nothingness” and endeavors to set up a
meditative space for the viewer. So Here’s a great opportunity to catch up on
one of the newest international art stars and see for yourself why museums are
beginning to acquire her work.


Cloud painting.